dr. collins 2016

  1. P

    PCAT Dr. Collins 2016 For Sale

    Hello I am selling my 2016 Dr. Collins self-study material for $200. NO writing or highlighting. I also have the Kaplan PCAT 2015-2016 book with one practice test. PM me if interested!
  2. TKHearOnline

    For Sale PCAT (98 Comp) Selling Kaplan and Dr. Collins

    Just took the PCAT and did fairly decent so I'd like to sell my study material to those of you still prepping for it! 2016 Dr. Collins 2014-2015 Kaplan big book McGraw-Hills PCAT pdf file (this I can just email you for free) All in great condition because I barely used them haha! I prefer...
  3. P

    Dr. Collins PCAT 2016 -$125

    I am selling my Dr. Collins study material for $125. Contains all the updates till July 2016; also includes the new paragraph- based questions for Chemistry and Biology. Please email at [email protected] if interested.