dr.collin selling

  1. P

    Does anyone have Dr. Collins 2017 version for sale?

    Hi everyone, I'm taking the PCAT in February and I was wondering if dr.collins is worth buying if I only have one month and half to study for the exam. how is Dr.collins study prep like? is it study guide for each section or question and answer format?
  2. soon2beDr.D

    For Sale Selling Dr. Collins 2016-2017 PCAT

    Hello I got ACCEPTED!!! and I'm selling my PCAT Dr. Collins material Current price is $375 + shipping = $395 or higher. Willing to sell $75 -$100 less. Contact me here will sell via Paypal. Willing to sell it ASAP! Take Care :) Oh it is the 2016-2017 version with all updates included.