1. D

    Do people really pay $375 for Dr. Collins?

    I am in the middle of looking for PCAT study materials and I am deciding between Kaplan and Dr. Collins but I have heard much more positive things about Dr. Collins. However, Dr. Collins study guides are soooo expensive like $375 on pcatprepclass (this is the official website for Dr. Collins...
  2. P

    For Sale SELLING Dr.Collins + Kaplan (PCAT)

    I’m selling a 2015 version of Collins + 2015 Kaplan guide--packaged deal for $250, shipping included. I seriously don't know what I would've done without it. I got 93 composite on my exam last year. Dr.Collins along is $190, shipping included. Email me: [email protected]
  3. H


    Hello, guys! I am selling Dr. Collin's study guide with 2015 updates (This study guide is so good, I got exactly the same essay prompt, and chemistry questions were pretty similar) 2015 PCAT Destroyer (Spilled coffee on the cover, but it's brand new inside) And 2013-2014 Kaplan PCAT study...
  4. S

    Selling Dr. Collins 2015 with update

    Hey everyone, I am selling Dr. Collins study guide with updates for $70 pdf version email me if interest [email protected]
  5. P

    For Sale Dr.Collins PCAT 2016 update version for sale.

    Bought the Dr. Collins for the January PCAT. It really helped me get the 90 percentile from 40 percentile the last time. Just send me a message if your are interested. Thanks
  6. P

    Pcat Advice !

    Hi guys, I just ordered my Dr.Collins Pcat study guide-it is the 2015 version and I will be taking the Pcat for the first time in January. I have about 3 weeks total to study. I was wondering what is the quickest way to get through the information? Are the study guides necessary to go through...
  7. A

    For Sale Selling PCAT materials

    Hello everyone, I am selling Dr.Collins 2015 with updates of 2014 January, 2015 January and July. I am selling kaplan book for 2014 and also Pearson test which will be valid till this year. Everything is in good condition and there are no markers or highlighters on any of these study guides.
  8. O

    DR. Collins 2015 updates for sale

    To all the PCAT takers, I just took my PCAT on Wednesday and I was amazed about my score at my first attempt. I only used the updated Dr. Collins and the official PCAT practice test. If you want to excel then it is a must to get these materials!!! Although I had other PCAT books but I never read...
  9. H

    Wanted: Dr. Collins PCAT Study guide. 2015

    you can reach me at [email protected] Please list : Year of the Study guide and which updates you have Condition of the study guide (any marks, writings, tears) Any missing pages, sections, or practice questions. And the asking Price. If you could send pictures, that would be...
  10. LotusMarks

    For Sale Dr. Collins Self-Study Guide (2015)

    Hello, just completed my PCAT exam and no longer need my prep material :)! Asking for about $100, paid $375 for the material on Collins' website. There are no writing or marks in any of my material. This is the latest 2015 edition with updates. Email me if you have questions...