duty hours

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    Duty hours, malignant Chief

    I am currently in a subspecialty integrated surgical program and I have a topic I wanted to bring up to see if anybody could weigh in on it. Our chief resident is about to graduate thankfully but she really is a piece of work. There have been multiple occasions where she tried to really start a...
  3. lagbydesign

    OMFS vs PRS/ENT (Duty Hours)

    These specialties are often compared for their similar scope of practice. One thing that I really haven't seen is a discussion on the effects that duty hours has on training to be a surgeon of the head and neck. Does the presence (or lack thereof) of duty hours make a difference in competency at...
  4. mvenus929

    Work Hour Studies

    While my classmates were interviewing a couple years ago, I heard some debate whether or not to rank programs participating in the studies regarding work hours, those trialing a return to 30 hour workdays. Then I saw this pop up on my newsfeed today...