electric potential

  1. K

    EKG questions

    Hi all guys, I'm a soon to be medical doctor but I'm still concerned about some aspects of EKG (that i'm actually rewiewing :eyebrow:). First of all I still don't understand some of the physics that lies behind it: how is it possible that the PQ tract is isoelettric if the atria are...
  2. B

    Intuitive Sense in Understanding Electric Potential?

    I am kind of having a little difficult time in understanding Electric Potential. I understand that (+) and (-) charges attract and thus want to decrease their potential energy as shown with a (-) sign in their PE. But what I don't understand is how this relates to Electric Potential. If two...
  3. David513

    Distance, electric field and potential

    Hey all, Conceptually I'm missing something about how distance is related to electric field and potential. Electric field is force per unit charge and potential is force per unit charge applied over a distance. Right? Well, the force changes with distance by getting larger when objects are...