1. D

    Magnetic field TBR

    An electron enters an uniform magnetic field and travels at right angles to the field in a circular path. As the particle moves the magnetic field A- does not change the velocity of the electron B- slows the electron down C- speeds the electron up D- does not changed the speed of the electron...
  2. D

    Mass spectrometer radius curvature

    How come a particle with larger mass has a greater radius of curvature? I know that the equation shows that r= mv/qB so if m increases r increases but if a particle is heavier it deflects less so shouldn't the radius of curvature be smaller? Thanks!
  3. Ascleoius

    Question about Antenna and electromagnetic radiation

    Hi all, Good afternoon! I was reading one of the passage from Sterling Test Prep 2016 today and a few of the questions from the passage really confused me. I am wondering if anyone would please help me tackle these questions? I got them all wrong and did not understand the answers. Thank you...
  4. N

    Electromagnetic Question

    If an ion with velocity v, mass m, and charge z enters a magnetic field and emits a photon of red light, what would the same particle with velocity 1/2 v emit? a. x - ray b. Ultra-violet c. Blue light d. Infrared light The answer explanation says that a particle with lower velocity will emit...
  5. David513

    Distance, electric field and potential

    Hey all, Conceptually I'm missing something about how distance is related to electric field and potential. Electric field is force per unit charge and potential is force per unit charge applied over a distance. Right? Well, the force changes with distance by getting larger when objects are...