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  1. I

    Long-winded journey back to Medicine

    Greetings all, I was suggested this forum by a friend who is also interested in Medicine. I am perhaps a blatant non-traditional student (applicant as of yet though). To tell my entire story and background is very long, so I will summarise here to keep it relatively short. However, it might end...
  2. O

    Possibility of a transfer to an EU medical faculty from a Non-Eu one

    Hi there, I'm a non-eu citizen now doing my 5th year at Near East University of Northern Cyprus (Non-EU), and I was wondering what are the possibilities of transferring to a medical faculty in the EU region for my 6th year (Italy, Spain preferred but anywhere in the EU works just fine). Any...
  3. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Western Europe

    Hello Guys!!!!! I would like to do my post grad in Western European countries like the following Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swiss As far I have researched Germany seems to be a better option cuz the PG courses are offered in English, as a non German i think it will be very difficult to do PG in...