1. AgaveCat

    MCAT expiration and retaking the MCAT

    Hi all, I took the MCAT in the summer of 2014 with full intentions of applying in the 2015 application cycle, but life happened and here I am gearing up for the 2018 cycle. I have some general questions regarding retaking the MCAT and how it will look to medical schools considering that my old...
  2. Happyface025

    Borderline Expired MCAT Scores

    I chose my MCAT date this past summer based on the cutoffs listed in the MSAR, however I have since observed that for some schools (mostly my reaches) an MCAT from May 2016 will be expired for matriculation in 2019. I have been told that retaking a good, "unexpired" MCAT can give a negative...
  3. I

    Submitting application a couple weeks before MCAT expires

    Hi, I'll be applying in the year of 2017, submitting my application on the earliest date possible. I took my MCAT back in late June of 2015 and received a score of 514. My favorite potential school doesn't accept any MCATs that are more than 2 years old. My question is, what are the rules on...
  4. M

    ??do pre-requisites expire for MD??

    Hi everyone! I am currently calling schools to obtain school specific information but 1. did anyone encounter pre-requisite "expiration dates"? Ex. courses must be completed 10 years from matriculation to medical school. I took my pre-reqs in 2009-2013 and I am applying in 2017. [My...
  5. N

    Very good, but expired, MCAT score

    I'll skip the unnecessary details. I'm few years out from my B.S. biochemistry, GPA 3.9. I took the MCAT (pre-2015) and got a 39 (>99.5 percentile, I think...). Due to a lack of certainty in what I wanted to do, I put off applying to medical school and worked in research. I doubt I'll be...
  6. H

    MCAT currency

    Dear SDN, I took the MCAT on 17th May 2014. I am planning to apply for the 2017 intake for MD in Oz. Based on the various schools websites, they accept MCATs for up to two years. ie. expires on 17th May 2016. However my agent advised that my MCAT score will expire during the consideration...