1. A

    MD & DO Obesity spreads like a virus/contagion - JAMA

    JAMA Pediatrics - January 22, 2018 Original Investigation: Association of Exposure to Communities With Higher Ratios of Obesity with Increased Body Mass Index and Risk of Overweight and Obesity Among Parents and Children Datar A, Nicosia N. Association of Exposure to Communities With Higher...
  2. D

    Opinions/studies on radiation exposure in IR?

    I am a medical student who is very interested in IR. I have been hanging out with the department and running the student interest group for the specialty. This path is definitely at the top of my list. However, I recently had a very interesting conversation with a retired interventional...
  3. DOL8873

    Chance of disease transmission

    Hello, I’m a dental student and today my finger was stabbed by a bur :( Situation: Restoring a Class V missing restoration. No decay present. Prepped retention grooves in enamel only with #1/4 or #1/2 (very tiny) round bur with water. I placed the handpiece back in its holder and proceeded to...