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family planning

  1. S

    Pregnancy planning in fellowship

    Hi all! I’m a third year FM resident doing a one year surgical OB fellowship next year. I am getting older and my husband and I want multiple kids (probably 3+). I’ll be 30-31 during fellowship year. The fellowship schedule is strenuous (q2 home call for c-sections, one 30 hour call monthly, one...
  2. lifesperfection

    Complex Family Planning Fellowship Applications (2020-2021)

    Was hoping to get in touch with other people applying this cycle since everything will likely be online and we won't have the comradery of the interview trail. Wasn't sure where else to post, so decided to take it back to SDN, but haven't seen a FP topic in years, so it is likely a longshot...
  3. thatwouldbeanarchy

    Family Planning training at Dell Seton in Austin, TX

    Hey y'all. Anyone who's familiar with Dell/Seton Family Medicine Residency in Austin, TX... I know they're affiliated with a faith-based hospital system and I'm wondering to what extent contraceptive and abortion care is accepted in their curriculum. Is this the kind of place that would stop me...