1. alphinerpoke

    Finished February PCAT

    Hi all, Just finished the PCAT in 99th percentile (woo!!). Let me know if you need any strategies or info! (I obviously can't disclose the actual test information!)
  2. M

    When will Prometric release available dates for March and later for Step 2 CK?

    So I'm trying to schedule my step 2 CK date. I have a narrow window for when I can do it. But Prometric has no dates available after February. It's not that they're booked out. They aren't available yet. Anyone, from past experiences, knows when they will be released?
  3. ltsOver9000

    Is there a February 2018 PCAT Testing Window?

    I was looking back earlier this year and it seems there was a February 2017 PCAT testing window. There's even a couple of old threads earlier this year of people posting their results from that testing window. I also looked at the important dates of the 2016-2017 testing windows and i didn't...
  4. M

    Feb 20, 2016 Canadian DAT Group Discussion

    Hey, I am taking the Canadian DAT for the first time in Feb. Any insight or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated :):)