1. saira.123

    Where to park my money for Med School (if I get in)?

    Seeking advice on options. I know I want to go to med school, but don't know if it will actually happen. I'm 34 and already have a career with more than half saved for tuition and other expenses Just wondering resources and/or specific ideas on where to park my money till then, if it can grow...
  2. E

    Engineering Undergrad to Medicine Switch

    Hello everyone, I realize there are several engineering to medicine stories out there already. Mine is that I went into engineering because I was always good at math and science, and those who I knew in medicine always scared me off saying it was too expensive or too long and that I should...
  3. Dr.Mortgage

    Advertisement 100% Mortgage Financing for Doctors up to a 1mm Loan Amount!

    Cadence Bank offers an Early Professional Loan that goes up to 1 million dollars financed with 0% down and NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE for Dr's less than 5 years out of Fellowship or Residency! We can also close a month before your first paycheck comes in, giving you and your possible partner to live...
  4. 7

    New Grad buying a Dental Practice

    So I was reading the "Lets buy a Dental Practice" thread by Hammer and it was pretty interesting but I still have a few questions about the whole process. Is it feasible for a new grad 1 year out of Dental School to buy a million dollar practice and would a bank loan over 700k for that...