1. E

    Compilation FOAMEd (= Free Open Access Med Education) Resources

    Hey gang, I've been working on this website for a while now and finally have ironed out enough details that it seems functional. I've been a FOAM junkie for a few years now and have quickly learned that there is a ton of content out there - even within one source like EMRAP, its too much for...
  2. stevenejohnson

    BOTH Step 1 Podcast/Advice USMLE 259 COMLEX 681

    Hey everyone I am a 4th year at a DO school in SoCal headed into EM next year. I posted my scores in the title since that seems like how to get people to care about your post on SDN lol. I started a Step 1 podcast to help out with studying. So far I only have 3 episodes up on my blog site. I...
  3. stevenejohnson

    BOTH Interested in starting a podcast

    Hey SDNers! I am a posting virgin here on SDN but long time generalized stalker. Right now I am prepping for Step2 + Comlex 2 in July. I have been looking for some good podcasts for Step 2 prep and had trouble finding anything recent. I love listening to podcasts in general. Goljan audio was...