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    Gap Year Plans

    I'll be graduating from Texas A&M in May with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, a 3.67 GPA, a 513 MCAT (127 Chem/Phys, 128 CARS, 128 Bio, 130 Psych/Soc). I've done two summer research internships, worked in an ER as a scribe for a few months (400 hours) and done volunteering and...
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    Do I have a chance or should I apply next cycle?

    Long time lurker here, looking for some advice. I was planning on applying to allopathic med schools this cycle, but I ended up taking the MCAT late in the game (tested on 7/8, getting scores on 8/8). As I walked out of the testing room, I felt confident--but at this point, I feel like I did...