1. H

    ACS General Chemistry Exam

    hey so I'm in general chemistry 2 in a community college and I'm gonna be taking this exam in a week (which I just found out because a student asked about the final and the professor wasn't originally gonna tell us this early, but he couldn't lie so he did). I'm so so stressed because I had no...
  2. chemdoctor

    ACS Final Exam?

    I will be taking the ACS final exam for General Chemistry I and II. I was wondering what you all thought of it? It's a large chunk of my grade and I'm really scared about it. I was wondering what I could do to best prepare for it? I have ordered the book and plan to study for it nonstop. How did...
  3. T

    Pre-Med concerns

    Hi guys, I am an English Pre-Med...and I am currently taking Gen Chem 1. Idk how I'll do (not so well but I'm determined to do better), but I feel the urge to retake the class with a different professor just to learn more in depth about the topic. Of course I would do better the second time...
  4. C

    destroyer chem 185

    An unknown metal of 50g is intially at 100C and dropped into a beaker of 200g of water at 30;C. The final temperature of the system is 40C. Find the specific heat of the metal if the specific heat of water is 4.2 J/g ;C. Answer: 2.8 J/g ˚C Heat lost by metal = Heat gained by H2O m c...