1. Saint Richie

    Am I Ready for the DAT?

    Hey, I've been studying for the past 6 months for the DAT for roughly 5-6 hours a day. I am retaking my DAT on April 6th to see if I can bring up my 19/19 score I got in 2015. I'm hoping to score the coveted 21/21 and keep all the scores above 20 at least. Reading the breakdowns on here as...
  2. SweetMelonPreDent

    Actual DAT vs Bootcamp/qVault/DatGenius

    Hi guys, Just wondering from people who took the actual DAT: Which of these practice exams feels to be the best representation of the percentile you would get, difficulty of question, etc etc. and would the precision of these practice tests be more exact per section? like, do you recommend...
  3. Dental_Dream101

    Second Time DAT Taker

    (scroll down for update) Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a long time and decided to finally make an account. So i studied for the DAT during summer and didn't do too well. I studied using the DAT destroyer, DAT genius and DAT Q Vault. Growing up i never really had a great...
  4. tomdapredent

    Reading Comprehension Harder on Real DAT

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has advice on how I can prepare for the RC section of the test. I took the DAT for the first time in the beginning of July, and will be retaking the test at the end of this month. I am very worried and lost when it comes to studying for the RC...
  5. D

    Anyone selling DAT Genius Account or DATQvault bio.

    ran out of practice exams so looking to try a couple random ones. if anyones selling it not trying to pay 100. exams in a week any last minute advice?? Thanks :) also maybe if anyone is selling DATQvault for bio tho only