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    WAMC-American student getting master's abroad, potential MD/PhD path, applying this cycle

    Year: I am currently in a non-science, bilingual (Spanish and English) two-year master’s program in Barcelona, graduating this July and likely defending March 2021 (instead of Sept 2020 so that I can use my student visa to stay in Europe for a WHO internship fall of 2020, if that still happens...
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    PA's in Global Health

    Hello. I am having some trouble with the whole MD or PA decision. I would like to practice medicine, this is a fact. But, I'd like to be a provider to populations overseas in rural communities etc. I want to travel. Does anyone know anything about PA's in Global Health? Or can only MD's...
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    USC Master of Science in Global Medicine 2017-2018

    Hi guys! I haven't seen this thread yet, so I thought I'd start one :) I just got accepted and I'm really excited to start. Has anyone else heard back? Are there any current students that have advice about the program?
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    Is a 7 year MD program worth it for someone interested in Global Medicine?

    Hello all, I am a new member, long time reader of these forums and have seen several posts regarding 7 year medical programs with pros and cons. The one I am considering is in my home state and would have me transfer schools for my junior year and then begin MS1 the following year. This...
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    Is social epidemiology right for me?

    Sorry I'm longwinded, but bear with me, I'm currently working at a prestigious internship in Public Health, while there my research mentor suggested to me that Social Epidemiology might not be the best end goal for me and what I want to do. I like working with people, talking to people...