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  1. H

    Effect of NADH on Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase

    I had a practice question that read: "High levels of NADH will inhibit which of the following enzymes?" The answer choices Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase were both explained to be incorrect because: "This enzyme is required for gluconeogenesis. High levels of NADH would...
  2. B

    Role of Acetyl CoA in many pathways

    I am just trying to get an overall idea of Acetyl CoA and how it effects the different pathways. Here is what I know so far: When cells need ATP, Glucose-->Pyruvate-->Acetyl CoA-->ATP When cells have met energy needs There is a buildup of Acetyl CoA which, inhibits Pyruvate Dehydrogenase...
  3. O

    NADH as GNG and Glycolysis regulator

    Hello, Can anyone explain how NADH regulates gluconeogenesis? TPR online exam solution states that NADH inhibits GNG because of reduction in concentration of pyruvate and OAA needed to produce glucose in GNG. I know that high NADH inhibits glycolysis as well by feedback inhibition. So does NADH...