gold standard prep

  1. P

    Best study kit?

    I am wondering what the best study material is for DAT prep. I have heard the Gold Standard is very good, if not the best. I am planning on taking the DAT in August and am starting to prepare now. What have you all used? What are your opinions on various study material?
  2. G

    Best DAT practice test materials?

    Hopefully a quick question: I have the 'Gold Standard Materials' for all sections plus TopScore. I'll be writing the Canadian DAT in November. Gold Standard provided around 10 individual practice test for every section (10 for all 6 PAT sections) and I've found the review materials mostly...
  3. D

    Gold Standard DAT Prep

    Anyone have any experience with the Gold Standard DAT prep books? I was considering ordering the chemistry one to supplement all other material that I have.
  4. J

    Gold Standard

    does anyone know how the Gold Standard products are? Mainly I'm looking for something to help my reading comprehension which I really need.
  5. agileduck

    Further Explanation on Question 3 of Chemical and Physical Sciences Section of GS-Free Practice Test

    I was wondering if someone could explain this question in further detail. I understand why it's not answer choice (a) carbamoyltransferase, but I don't understand why it cannot be answer choice (b) argininosuccinate synthase. My thinking is if you have growth of both argininosuccinate and...