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  1. LateToTheGame755

    Fraternity involvement on AMCAS

    I'm new here, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. But I'm heavily involved in my fraternity, and have been since freshman year, but I know that fraternities and Greek life in general can often be polarizing topics. Do you guys think that I should include that involvement or could...
  2. P

    Being in a fraternity or being a Resident Advisor?

    I'm almost done with my first year of undergrad at WSU and I have a 3.9 GPA and am currently an RA as well. It's not typical for freshmen to get this job but I guess I was a strong applicant. I decided not to join greek life as a freshman because I knew that good study habits form early on and I...
  3. YellowTurtle

    The Caduceus vs Rod of Asclepius

    I recently learned of the difference between these 2 symbols. And now I can't stop seeing the misuse of the Caduceus everywhere. While, I'm definitely not an expert on ancient Greece, I am especially confused by the use of the Caduceus in the logo for the United States Public Health Service...