health professional scholarship program

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    Question about Health Professions Scholarship Program for Dental School

    Hi guys! I'm applying to dental school this cycle and I'm also planning to apply for HPSP scholarships from the army. Is anyone here know anyting about it or has been accepted to the program? If so, could you please provide me some informatio about it? I'm actually in a process of applying to it...
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    Army HPSP as a D.O.: USMLE?

    Hey there, SDN. I am an OMS-I in the Army's HPSP. Every Army HPSP OMS-II I have spoken to at my school has decided against taking the USMLE. I have heard that the Army only looks at your COMLEX score if you are in a osteopathic medical school. Would any 2nd-4th year HPSP future osteopaths care...