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    HKU non-jupas BDS Interview

    I have an interview for the HKU (hong kong u) BDS in less than 2 weeks (I applied as a non-jupas) but I would like to prepare for some of the questions they will be asking (and I can't really find much recent experiences with HKU BDS online :/) Is there anyone who have heard about HKU BDS...
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    From engineering in HK to medicine in US

    Hi guys! I am currently a Year 1 engineering student studying in Hong Kong, majoring in biomedical engineering. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor in the US. However, I am not quite sure if I am taking the right path. I am planning to transfer to an US college in year 3 to continue my study...
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    Non-JUPAS Applicants 2016-2017

    Hi, I am a Canadian undergraduate student who is interested in applying to CUHK and HKU. I haven't seen any threads for Non-JUPAS applicants 2016-2017, so I created this. Are there any students who have been successful with applying from Canada? It would be greatly appreciated if you can share...