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    HKU Dental Specialties

    Does anyone know anything about the graduate programs at HKU? How competitive is it to apply to their programs? How do the lifestyles of specialists compared to general dentists in Hong Kong? Is it worth to pursue a residency in Hong Kong?
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    HKU non-jupas BDS Interview

    I have an interview for the HKU (hong kong u) BDS in less than 2 weeks (I applied as a non-jupas) but I would like to prepare for some of the questions they will be asking (and I can't really find much recent experiences with HKU BDS online :/) Is there anyone who have heard about HKU BDS...
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    From engineering in HK to medicine in US

    Hi guys! I am currently a Year 1 engineering student studying in Hong Kong, majoring in biomedical engineering. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor in the US. However, I am not quite sure if I am taking the right path. I am planning to transfer to an US college in year 3 to continue my study...
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    Non-JUPAS Applicants 2016-2017

    Hi, I am a Canadian undergraduate student who is interested in applying to CUHK and HKU. I haven't seen any threads for Non-JUPAS applicants 2016-2017, so I created this. Are there any students who have been successful with applying from Canada? It would be greatly appreciated if you can share...