hole punching

  1. S

    DAT Crack DAT PAT

    Hey all, How accurate are the Crack DAT PAT question types? The hole punching question set seemed to be a little extra (they have half holes). Also, any tips on the hole punching? It's kind of hard to keep all of the hole punches in my head.
  2. bnaimz94

    Hole Punching Grid Method Question

    I'm taking my test next week and am a little worried about how the laminated paper works. I've been using a white board and drawing one large 4 x 4 grid which I use for all of the hole punching problems. I heard the markers on test day are not erasable though, should I draw 15 grids instead...
  3. W

    DAT PAT Hole punches, Cubes, TPE.

    Hi, I can not seem to find a thread that answers my question. On the DAT how many folds can I expect on the hole punching section? In addition, how many hole punches? I usually see 2 or 1 whole and a half. I may have seen 3 on a DAT BC question. For cube counting, how many cubes are there...