ideal gas law

  1. starsbeneathme

    Help on DAT destroyer, General Chemistry - Ideal Gas Law

    Hi, This is question 70 in the 2014 edition: 600 mL of a gas initially at 27 C and 755 torr will contain how many molecules? Answer: 1.5 x 10^22 molecules This answer was calculated using the ideal gas law. Even though these aren't standard conditions, should we use ideal gas law anyway if...
  2. B

    EK Gen Chem 1001 #187

    If the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is 30torr at STP, and nitrogen is the only other gas present, what is the percent by mass of carbon dioxide? Approach Pressure=760 torr PpCO2=30 torr PpN2=730 torr percent by mass = mass of CO2/total mass of gas The book explains to find mole fraction...
  3. weanprednisone

    Real Gas vs. Ideal Gas

    So B is the correct answer, because deviation from ideal gas law is that that gas should have lower to none IMF, and no volume. I is wrong because it actually has greater volume, and III is wrong because KE doesn't event have an effect on ideal gases with the absence of T and velocity. Making a...