1. V

    AAMC Immunization Form Question

    I am an incoming M1 and my med school just sent us the AAMC standardized Immunization Form. I have some questions: For the Student ID, should I write my AAMC ID or my med school student ID? For the street address/city/state, should I use my permanent address, my current address, or my new...
  2. lovehate

    AAMC immunization

    I was accepted to multiple medical school, but none of them send me anything regarding the required immunization or other health screening. Are we supposed do them ourselves, or should I wait until they send me the required forms.
  3. Kevin.Mero

    "Training pharmacy technicians to administer immunizations"

    Do you feel that 4-hours is adequate training time before a Tech can vaccinate? "Training pharmacy technicians to administer immunizations"
  4. K

    Billing Part D for flu shot

    Hi all! Quick question anyone work at a location that does not do part B billing? The pharmacy I am at does not bill part B and because of this the PIC is convinced we can't bill part D for flu shots... This makes no sense to me. We don't bill part B for test strips so why are flu shots any...
  5. A

    2016 Immunization Schedule Updates on Step?

    Hey guys, This might be a weird question but I was just reading the updated immunization schedule/new vaccines. For example, there is now a Meningococcal Serotype B vaccine (although, sketchy micro will tell you otherwise lol). Should we expect Step 1 to incorporate these new changes into the...