1. S

    Psychiatry vs Pediatric Intensive care.

    As the title says I’m interested in both of those fields of study. I know no matter what I will be working with kids since it’s my passion to do so. I know the pros and cons of each. I just can’t decide which. What I like about the PICU is the intensity it gives. it allows for you to work with...
  2. Pakku-man

    Can we bill sufficiently for Mental Health Services while a patient is admitted for a different dx?

    Hello everyone, I will be starting out as an medicine attending soon and wondered about the following question: "Is there meaningful financial support with medicare or private insurance that would help hospitals afford and provide mental health services such as cognitive behavioral...
  3. Alemo

    VA vs university hospital

    Hi guys, I’m wondering about the relative pros and cons between VA inpatient sites and university inpatient sites, specifically at places like U Michigan or Duke. I know the VA involves CPRS and a predominantly older male population that I would think shows less first break psychosis, mania...
  4. C

    Inpatient Hours vs Hospital Employement

    I am applying to PT school with over 850 outpatient observation hours but no hours in any other settings. I've worked in a hospital as a transporter for over a year. Do you think this will be okay or should I try to secure a spot shadowing at the hospital?
  5. A

    Mt Sinai staff pharmacist shifts

    Does anyone know if any Mt. Sinai hospitals in NYC schedule 10-hour staff pharmacist shifts (day, evening or graveyard) as opposed to the standard 8-hour shift?
  6. N

    Pharmacist Patient interactions

    I am going to be a P1 student this fall 17' and i am interested in doing an area of pharmacy with more doctor/patient interactions. Which area of pharmacy utilize this? I currently work in an inpatient pharmacy and i cant see myself just sitting at a desk all day and verifying orders. I tried to...
  7. Cheezy89

    Clinical Rotation Experience

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my first clinical rotation experience. I was told to share this because I might get more tips on how to make the best out of my rotation. I'd also love to hear about your experiences.
  8. B

    Inpatient psychiatry average reimbursment

    What is the average reimbursement for inpatient psych CPT codes below? 99231 99232 99233
  9. soulfishsix

    Applying FM, question about LoRs

    Hello! I'm applying to family med and have an LoR question. I have 3 outpatient FM letters: 2 should be very strong, the third is good but I'm not sure how good as I only worked with the writer for ~1 week. I did an IM acting internship on a Hem/Onc team in July, and an attending said I was one...