1. R

    Neuropsychological & Forensic Instruments Wanted...

    Looking for WRAML-2; WISC-V; WMS-IV; CVLT-3; RBANS; DRS-2; Nelson-Denny Reading; Benton; Tokens; SDMT; Visual Object Spatial Perception Battery (VOSP); HCR-20; Bricklin. Please email me at: [email protected] Thank you!
  2. E

    Left Handed Surgeons using Right handed Needle Drivers?

    Hi surgeons and future surgeons! I'm a veterinary student and we are getting ready to start our surgery lab next week, which will involve 5-7 hour labs where we are actually conducting surgeries on cadavers. In our practical skills lab and in previous work, I had no problem using right-handed...
  3. knock0ut

    Surgical instruments and suture guide

    Hey y'all, I'm applying into ENT and am wondering if anyone knows of a document that would be helpful to learn when to use the various surgical instruments and when to use which sutures...I know this is very broad and maybe just needs to be learned by experience, but I feel like it would be...
  4. N

    Surgical Instruments Grades and Which brands to stay away from.

    Howdy Everyone, I am curious about surgical instruments and their grades but also if there are certain brands of instruments I should stay away from when selecting instruments to perform a procedure. I will give you an example of what i mean. I currently have a set of Pakistan Stainless steel...