integrated plastic surgery

  1. H

    Double - Board Residencies

    I've been having some trouble finding a comprehensive list on this topic, so I'm asking here. What are the residencies that offer double boarding (not double/triple board programs like fp/psych), actual residencies in a specialty, like child neuro, in which one is double boarded in neurology and...
  2. OnePunchBiopsy

    Independent Plastic Surgery Programs. Fading away?

    So I recently matched categorical GS at a residency where independent plastics is a possibility (lots of graduates pursue it). I love GS and have always loved it, but I also have come to appreciate plastic surgery, especially reconstruction. Overall I'm keeping my options open. Today a...
  3. S

    Official 2016-2017 Plastic Surgery Integrated Program Interview Date Swap Thread

    It's about that time! As has been done in previous years, post your dates you want to swap here. EDIT: When your swap is resolved. Example: I have St. Louis University Jan 22, want Dec 18 or Dec 11 Let me know. Thanks!
  4. A

    Official 2016-2017 Integrated Plastic Surgery Interview Thread

    As has been done in previous years, please post if you get an interview invite. In this format: School (month/day interview invite sent): interview dates offered. ex: Duke (10/10): 12/5, 12/6 ex after someone already listed a school: Duke (10/10, 10/23): 12/5... Copy the last post and put...