interest rates

  1. Filius

    Canadian federal loans: worse rates than bank lines of credit?

    Hi all, Canadian wrapping up med school in the States---took all my loans out from: (1) Canada Student Loans: prime + 2.5% (2) Alberta Student Loans: prime + 0% (3) TD line of credit: prime rate + 0% (!!) Now that I'll (almost) be making an income again, it's time to start figuring out a...
  2. Panis et Circenses

    The Most Ridiculously Expensive Dental Schools Thread

    I wanted to start a thread to help people estimate the total cost of attendance dental schools (tuition, fees, living costs, and interest included). I have uploaded a excel file where you can easily estimate the cost of a school you are interested in. Feel free to add your calculations for a...
  3. Dr.Mortgage

    Home Affordability in relation to interest rate/ home pricing increases

    There is a lot of discussion about the interest rates being raised by the feds and how it will affect home affordability. This increase in rates is truly a great discussions to have, but interest rates are only half the equation when it comes to being able to afford a home. The other half of the...