internal medicine board review

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    MKSAP 18 and Endocrinology Study Material

    I have the following for sale in excellent condition: MKSAP 18 (Sets A and B), still in shrink wrap - $300 MKSAP 18 Board Basics - $150 ESAP (2020, 2021, 2022) all 3 are available together - $300 Willing to combine for a discount. Just private message me and we can go from there! Thanks
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    CME Top 2 Internal Medicine CME Gift Card Offers

    Internal Medicine CME gift card offers present physicians a great option to broaden their knowledge of key Internal Medicine topics while receiving a free gift card. Given that Internal Medicine is a wide-ranging topic, physicians specializing in it must constantly be reviewing educational...
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    Official ABIM Exam/study tools thread!

    Hey all, its getting to be that time when residents all over the country and planning on finished residency and study for the ABIM boards. I realize MKSAP questions are the gold standard, but if people (including prior test-takers) can post any other tools which proved valuable/helpful, please...
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    Win The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review, 5th Edition eBook!

    What advice would you offer students just starting residency? Share your advice below & you could win The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review, 5th Edition eBook! Brought to you from the birthplace of Internal Medicine and regarded as the most effective review tool in the specialty...
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    Internal Medicine Board Review

    Update for 2017-2018 Internal Medicine Board Review Internal Medicine Board Review Credit Hours: 27.5 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Audio CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, Online Streaming Video Oakstone's comprehensive IM board review course online. Built for initial certification and maintenance...