international medicine

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    International Year for Surgeons?

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or experience with international medicine for US surgeons specifically - either during residency or after. Spending time abroad doing medical mission work sounds appealing, but am not sure the best way to pursue this. I'd love more information.
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    Best non-US medical schools for competitive US Applicants

    Depending on the result of tonight's election, I might be leaving the country for the next 4-8 years. For a competitive applicant who intends to complete their undergrad and med school years abroad, and then return to complete their residency in the US, which foreign medical schools rank most...
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    US Undergraduate to UK Medical School

    Hey everyone! I'm a US student who just completed my undergrad with degrees in Biology and Psychology. I am interested in going to the UK for med school and then consequently practicing in the UK. I know theres a lot of you who will tell me I'm crazy for wanting to pay international tuition...
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    Is social epidemiology right for me?

    Sorry I'm longwinded, but bear with me, I'm currently working at a prestigious internship in Public Health, while there my research mentor suggested to me that Social Epidemiology might not be the best end goal for me and what I want to do. I like working with people, talking to people...