interview season

  1. optimist99

    are creog aggregates public?

    Anyone know if we can see aggregate averages of obgyn residency CREOG scores? Or do we have to rely on getting that info from programs and taking what they say at face value?
  2. WhiteHatMD

    Top 3 burning interview questions?

    Hi folks! My name is Sam. In the distant past, I had previously matched into a competitive surgical subspecialty. Halfway through residency, I decided to change careers. I currently work with the Veterans Affairs in a non-clinical role. I also have a passion for mentorship, especially because I...
  3. S

    Interview season

    Anyone have general advice for the interview season with regards to keeping track of programs and pros and cons for each? Anything to look at in each program (ie number of shifts worked, amount of peds experience, etc.)? Anything you wish you had known at the beginning of interview season...