1. germindian123

    Doctor Loan Mortgage Programs

    Hey guys I posted on this huge thread but I figured I could also just start a new one since it is so old https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/doctor-loan-physician-loan-programs.385616/page-15 Anyways, I'll be purchasing a home this coming summer and have been looking into the doctor loan...
  2. D

    I only have 50 dollars a month to invest- Should I Invest As A Resident?

    It's really powerful what compounding can do for a small amount of money as a young resident. Is there anyone that thinks that it pays to save such a small amount when you have all these other expenses to deal with? Take a look at this article Do you agree?
  3. chompsss

    Navy TSP Matching Contributions

    This is a question for current practicing military dentists or current HSCPers. I know that most service members used to not get a match on the TSP contributions (per the attached document dated January 2016), but recently the Army has been matching up to 5% as some sort of a trial program. Are...