1. N

    General JHSPH or LSHTM?

    Hi All! I've applied to the full-time MSc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM (not yet accepted) and the full-time MPH at JHSPH (I've been accepted). My goal is to work in international emergency nutrition - with a UN agency such as UNICEF, WFP, WHO or an INGO, USAID...etc. For JHSPH I...
  2. fiveriverflow

    MPH Johns Hopkins MPH or LSHTM MPH. Better prospects?

    Hi , I am an International Medical Graduate currently preparing for the USMLEs , still preparing for Step One. I got accepted for both the programs , just wanted your two cents on this. The JHUSPH is a program based in India and got accepted in the classroom program for the LSHTM. Could anybody...
  3. D

    MPH Columbia MPH or JHSPH MSPH?