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    Deferring undergrad loans for an MD/MPH

    Hi SDNers, So ideally, I'd like to do an MD/MPH program. From what I've heard, these typically take 5 years to complete. Upon graduation, I'll be in ~$50+ worth of debt (85% private, 15% fed). I'd like to defer repayment during med school but given my private lender limits in-school deferment...
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    Which MS to pursue in a 5-year MS/MD program?

    Hello, This post will also apply to you if you plan to apply/are in one of the MS/MD fifth-year-is-tuition-free like Yale's. I have been admitted to a medical school that allows for 5-year MS/MD program. While the MS is not paid for by the school, I have received a scholarship that will cover...