kinetic energy

  1. briggsinator2

    Ea (activation energy) and constant k

    Question: so in Chad's videos it is suggested that an increase in Ea (activation energy) causes a decrease in the reaction coefficient k, because an increased Ea will decrease the rate. However, in Princeton Review it is suggested that thermodynamics (i.e. Ea) are independent of kinetics (i.e...
  2. F

    Pressure in a closed system

    Lets say we have a bioreactor (closed system) with cells floating in it. If we are to introduce a stir rod, which would increase the velocity of the cells within the system, would the pressure of the system increase as well? I believe the pressure will increase: the particles are moving faster...
  3. R

    When to use ideal system and when not to.

    So i missed a question on my practice test only on the basis that I applied ideal instead of non ideal when it came to the conversion of PE to KE. The question only asked the relationship between PE and KE for a cyclist that is riding down a hill without pedaling. Am I supposed to always take...