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    Which country is easier for a foreign doctor to practice medicine: Japan or Korea?

    I'm from the Philippines and I plan on finishing med school here and then do my medical residency in either of those two countries. Also, is it really hard and almost impossible for foreigners to practice medicine there?
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    Study Abroad Before/After Getting into Med School?

    Hi everyone! I had a question about studying abroad. I'm currently a community college student, and am planning to apply to USC (I have pretty good chances of getting in; I have a 4.0 GPA and will have taken most required classes by the time I apply this fall). Assuming I get in, I'd like to...
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    Army Questions about AEGD, Moonlighting, and Duty Stations!

    Hello everyone. I'm about to graduate next spring from dental school (HPSP recipient) and I have some questions in regard to AEGD programs offered in the Army as well as some miscellaneous questions/comments. I've read a quite a few threads in regard to AEGD programs offered but I still have a...