kreb cycle

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    MCAT How in-depth should I know the Kreb Cycle?

    I am reading TPR biochemistry review, and once I got to the kreb cycle section it says, "The multistep cycle will be broken into 3 general stages. The reaction are shown for conceptual understanding only; there is no need to memorize." I was kinda put off by this, because I've heard from others...
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    TBR Biology Section VII confusion: Oxalosuccinate (TCA metabolite) - alpha or beta keto acid?

    The TL;DR version is in bold. Thanks! ISSUE 1: According to the TBR Biology part 2 book (section 7 - Metabolic Pathways; p. 195 in the newest edition - copyrighted 2016), oxalosuccinate is a beta-keto acid. In fact, the TBR book doesn't even call it oxalosuccinate (or oxalosuccinic acid); they...