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  1. S

    Master of Laboratory Animal Science at Stanford

    Apply Now The Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford University is now accepting applications for our 2nd MLAS cohort. Applicants must have a solid science foundation. Applicants are also required to take the GRE and have 3 letters of recommendation. For more information, please...
  2. S

    Masters of Science in Laboratory Animal Science

    The Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford Medicine is now offering a MS in Laboratory Animal Science. In conjunction with celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the Department of Comparative Medicine will begin accepting applicants for its new master’s program in laboratory...
  3. Mango2011

    Lab Animal Residency Interview Questions

    Hi everyone, I am currently a 4th year veterinary student and I just applied to lab animal medicine residencies. Does anyone know of some typically asked interview questions? I am nervous about having enough time to prepare with rotations and boards coming up. Thanks in advance!