1. A

    Becoming a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico STEPS?

    Hey, I'm a Canadian university student looking into UAG (the international med school in Guadalajara, Mexico). The thing is, I don't want to return to Canada-- I'd like to (ideally) become a plastic surgeon and work in Mexico. It seems to be pretty tough to find information on how to do this, as...
  2. M

    Step 1 and clerkship (as IMG/FMG)

    Hi, I'm a latam medical student on 4th year, I want to know what's better for me, because on 6th I will start my internship, If stop before my internship and prepare & do Step 1 to apply a clerkship or Look for a clerkship without Step 1 requirement or Just finish my internship and then do an...
  3. JJBlackrainbow

    Study partner in Miami, FL

    Hi everyone , I'm looking for a study partner based in Miami , FL. I work a part time job at Miami Miller UM, female, US-IMG, speak both English and Spanish. Please let me know if you're interested in studying for CK/CS with me.