1. W

    For Sale Lens processing equipment - complete set

    Hello, I am selling an unused set for optical fabrication. All equipment in perfect condition, set includes: - National Optronics Horizon II Edger - Marco Lens trial set with case; - Speede Blocker AIT; - ShopVac commercial vaccum with filters
  2. T

    TPR FL2 #11 C/P

    Can someone help me out with this question? I have never been very strong in optics and can't seem to understand this one!
  3. rcabrerab90

    Gonio lenses... Volk vs OI

    Hello, I'm new to this forum... I was looking to buy a pair of gonio lenses, one 3-mirror lens and either a 4-mirror or a 6-mirror lens. I just have a few questions I hope someone can help me with: First of all, for the 3-mirror lens, should I get flange, no flange, nmr or what? And also what...