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    MSW vs. MFT

    Hi, I am deciding between Pepperdine University's Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Smith College's Master of Social Work. I ultimately see myself as an LCSW with a private practice in Los Angeles specializing in LGBTQIA+ mental health and...
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    LMFT considering career change to Psych NP

    Hi Everyone, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I got my bachelors in psych/anthropology, and masters in counseling psych. I do not have a science bachelors, and only took Biology in undergrad. I am considering going back to school to become a Psych NP for more stability, benefits...
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    I was looking in the online system and it looks like I was rejected outright for the LMFT Master's program at TWU. I'm rather baffled as my stats were, I thought, good enough to place me high up on the acceptance list. I'm trying to sort out what happened so I can shore up application...
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    LPCC/LMFT in California

    Hi all, First, forgive me if this is not an appropriate topic for this forum or if I've missed a similar thread. I've seen older threads on here about mental health counseling work in California which were very helpful to me but potentially outdated. I'm hoping someone one here may be able to...
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    LMFT/LPCC Interning in California?

    Edit: I can see now that I did indeed post this in the wrong sub-forum. Sorry about that! Please remove.