1. Mr. Anthony

    PhD/PsyD Would getting a therapist license be beneficial if I plan on becoming a Psychologist?

    Hi folks, I'm in a bit of dilemma and I'd appreciate any and all of your opinions. I'd like to become a child/youth psychologist and have been waitlisted at a PsyD and PhD program for school psychology, which is where my interests lie. I also applied to several Masters programs in school...
  2. D

    Difficulty understanding Maryland licensing requirements for supervision

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, currently deciding whether to apply to counseling or social work programs and where to apply. Part of my research involves looking at the licensing requirements for different states, as I imagine I will want to practice close to where I went to school, since...
  3. W

    LPCC/LMFT in California

    Hi all, First, forgive me if this is not an appropriate topic for this forum or if I've missed a similar thread. I've seen older threads on here about mental health counseling work in California which were very helpful to me but potentially outdated. I'm hoping someone one here may be able to...
  4. W

    LMFT/LPCC Interning in California?

    Edit: I can see now that I did indeed post this in the wrong sub-forum. Sorry about that! Please remove.