1. H

    Longtime lurker, crippled by the advice on the site: MA vs MSW

    After years of wanting to go back to school for clinical social work or mental health counseling, I'm finally in a position to pursue it. I moved back to my home state (MN) where I intend to stay and am now faced with the decision of which programs to pursue. I spent 8 years in Chicago and while...
  2. B

    Psych MA = qualified for what jobs??

    I have a Masters degree in General Psychology from NYU (2005) but have been out of the workplace (except for 3 years as a teacher) for ten years raising my children. I'm desperate to get a career going back in the Psych field again and would work in a school, hospital, or even for the state (I...
  3. P

    Master, Ph.D., and life in between

    Hello. I'm an international student recently accepted to M.A. in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College. While I'm thrilled to begin studying there, I'm trying to understand what my life will consist of in the next few years, and would welcome a feedback from people who went through the...
  4. P

    Ph.D. acceptance - plan B (International)

    Hello! I'm an international student that recently moved to US (dependant visa). I've completed applications for Ph.D. and Psy.D. degrees in Psychology for Fall 2016 in several universities. I'm getting worried about my chances to be accepted, so I'd like to ask an opinion about plan B. First of...
  5. Pinda0812

    Psych masters

    Right now my major is Bio Behavioral Health and I'm planning on getting a Psych minor I want to get a masters in psychology and I'm wondering if you can get a masters in psychology without a bachelors in psychology, and also if I can should I get a M.A. or a M.S. Thanks