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    Oat topic changes?

    On the 2017 OAT topics list, I don't see magnetism under Physics. Is it safe to say that I won't be seeing this topic on the test?
  2. D

    Magnetic field TBR

    An electron enters an uniform magnetic field and travels at right angles to the field in a circular path. As the particle moves the magnetic field A- does not change the velocity of the electron B- slows the electron down C- speeds the electron up D- does not changed the speed of the electron...
  3. D

    Mass spectrometer radius curvature

    How come a particle with larger mass has a greater radius of curvature? I know that the equation shows that r= mv/qB so if m increases r increases but if a particle is heavier it deflects less so shouldn't the radius of curvature be smaller? Thanks!
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    "Calc-Based Physics" to hedge my bets?

    Story Time... So I have a B.A. in History (due to my own stupid choices earlier in life). I currently work full time and am now slowly taking pre-med prerequisites (one class per semester due to work, painfully slow, I know) in the hope that I can one day go to medical school to become a...