1. C

    Pre-med advice, non-trad

    Hello, don't get mad at me. I've searched the forums and had a few specific questions related to my path. I am just hardly beginning this process, I want to go to osteopathic school. I went to college before, dicked around for a year because i was a lemming and had no idea what to do. I then...
  2. AlphaBeta<3

    Physical Therapists in New York?

    You should totally come give me a massage. Not for money or anything, but it'll be great practice. For life. And stuff.
  3. PTAwesome

    Graston vs ASTYM vs Gua Sha vs Massage

    In my limited opportunities to do observation work as I attempt to enter PTA school, I've had the luck to see different PTAs use Graston, ASTYM, and manual massage work on their patients. I'd like to know what the major differences between Graston and ASTYM are and I'd also like to know how they...