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    Which hospitals are 18 non US IMG MATCH into EM Residency Program (1891 spots) in 2016?

    I am a non US IMG, will be applying for MATCH 2018 and really want to get into EM. From the SAP Crystal Reports 2016 MATCH, only 18 non US IMG get into EM that has 1891 position available. If anyone has any information, connection, friends, friend of friend, rumors, etc. about which hospital...
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    Other Cards applicant

    I am applying to cardiology fellowship this year. I have done fellowships in imaging and in heart failure at Yale and UW. I have published 6 papers and 9 abstracts. I have presented in many national meetings. I have finished my residency in 2008. How can I improve my chances to match this year...
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    Other Responses wanted: Did you SOAP or not match?

    Hello! I am a graduating 4th year medical student and writing an article about students that don't match to a residency positions. I respect that this is a sensitive subject that impacts each individual's careers and take care to keep information anonymous unless you would prefer it to be shared...