math destroyer 2016

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    Hello everyone! I am selling DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer (2016 Version). The books have absolutely no markings on the questions. There are some notes on road maps and math formulas, which is a FREE bonus to you from me;)... If you are interested please PM me. ($150)
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    Math Destroyer problem

    hey guys! 2016, Test 11 #12 "Find the radius of the circle inscribed within an equilateral triangle whose side is of length 12" Answer: 2root3 Can someone please explain the solution for me? i've read it about 1o times already and I still don't know how they got this answer. Thank you!!!
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    Selling DAT Destroyer/Math Destroyer 2016

    Selling DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. Both are 2016 versions. Both are in excellent condition with no markings in the books. I used scratch paper to do all my work, so there are no highlights, no circled answers, no notes inside the books. The covers on the books have marks from repeated...