mcat cars advice

  1. burritobowl60

    No improvement in CARS

    I have been painstakingly preparing myself for this section of the MCAT to no avail. I have been doing 2 practice passages daily for about a month and a half and my score has not improved. I may be dyslexic or something because Im unable to recognize the theme/tone/rhetoric of what the author is...
  2. C

    Which MCAT Prep Course to take?? MCAT Date: 04/01

    All comments are welcome. A little about me: Took the previous MCAT twice, scored a 26 and bombed the second time around--as you can tell, my confidence is at 0. The two previous times I took the MCAT were during/directly after the semester. Now, after finally graduating and taking some time for...
  3. M

    Need Advice-Retaking MCAT!

    I received my MCAT scores about a month ago and performed horribly (I have been sulking for two weeks but feel fine now). I got a 497 (128 in C/P, 121 in CARS, 124 in both bio and psych). I believe that my prep for the exam was ineffective and I do have potential to do better (this has been a...
  4. Gold Standard Multimedia

    Get ready for the January 2016 MCAT test with over 4000 Q&A

    January testing can be a great opportunity for students that are finishing final exams for their Fall semester in December. If you are thinking of taking the MCAT in January 2016, now is the perfect time to start looking for your prep material. Gold Standard has come up with an unique MCAT...
  5. TestingSolutions

    CARS Testing Solutions' 30 Day Guide to MCAT CARS Success

    Testing Solutions' 30 Day Guide to MCAT CARS Success: Howdy! My name is Nick Zehner, and I’m an MS3 at Stanford. I started Testing Solutions 5 years ago to help students struggling with the hardest section on the MCAT, the CARS. With so much conflicting advice out there, it can be hard to know...