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    Free (Giving away) MCAT Science Summary Cheat Sheets - Must Have!

    Just click on any of the links below to get your summary sheet! Biochemistry Amino Acids & Proteins | Carbohydrates | Fatty Acids | Nucleic Acids | Metabolism & Nomenclature Kinetics | Enzymes | Thermodynamics | Plasma Membrane | Biotechnology | MCAT Biochemistry Practice Questions Organic...
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    AAMC Question Pack Chemistry Q. 4

    Hey Everyone! This may seem like a very basic chemistry topic, but I am pretty confused about it. The question asks for the best electron acceptor. I thought it would be Fe because it has a positive charge and will want an electron. But, the answer is S, because it is in the same column as O...
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    AAMC Practice Test #1 Chem/Phys Section Question

    So I just took the AAMC test and was not sure why choice A was true. It talks about a tertiary alcohol, but in the passage, I only see a secondary alcohol. Could someone explain this to me? I might be missing something really obvious but I can't see it. I have the question and the passage...